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My hometown Youth for Christ organization asked me to create a graphic for their new building, called “Crosswalk”.  They wanted something that was more of the intersection crosswalk, than overtly Christian but also hoped a cross could be incorporated.  I came up with the graphic you see on the building.  One is facing the highway and the other is facing the parking lot.  A few volunteers painted it by hand this weekend, and did an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Seasonal Trees Wallpapers

Because I learned a new technique yesterday, and sketched a tree outside our patio, I created some wallpapers to share with you all. I know I never got September wallpapers out, and I apologize. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy these. You can find them here.

Rausch for House

Rausch for House yard sign

My father-in-law is up for re-election and wanted a logo boost and, seeing as we’re related and I’m a designer, I was perfect for the job and glad to do it. Above is actually what I put together for a yard sign – the actual logo is in that navy blue but I think this looks nice too. There’s another version that has “re-elect” and Val’s photo included, but of course, as a yard-sign, it wouldn’t have worked quite well. It’s saved for other pieces. I was honored to do the project and am proud of the results.


Nunsense: the mega musical program

My dad is the theater director for my old High School and they are putting on Nunsense: The Mega Musical this year. I created the nun/Charlie’s Angels graphic (as per his request) and put together a poster, shirt, and program for him. Seen above is the program. Nothing flashy, and the nun graphic is a little “unfinished” looking on purpose – given the comical nature of the musical.

In any case, I’m excited to see the performance and it wasn’t so long ago that I played a nun in Murder Can Be Habit Forming in the same theater. Little did I know then, I’d be on the inside of the jokes about Catholicism not many years later. This time, hopefully I won’t be as confused.