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Make a Donation

Donate to Second Chance Rescue and get a free pet photo session and 5×7 print!

Details are on Scott Meyer Photography’s blog.

Are You One of The Suckered?

Oku draws Oku

A sneak peek of a panel from our new web comic series, The Suckered. First comic released today, so check it out!

Thunderstorm Rolling In

Sunset Thunderstorm

Boom. Crash.

Water Safety

Water Safety sketch Water Safety

After a month skipped, I contributed to the June issue of 605 Magazine once again. But if you’re looking for me in the bio section, you won’t find it. I was forgotted. But that is OK with me. The article I was to provide an illustration for was about water safety in the summer, particularly lake safety. Having spent many summers as a camp counselor on a lake, I know water-related accidents are serious and scary. I chose to do a more comical illustration. I kind of wish I had read the article before choosing to go that route. It just is too light-hearted. We chose not to illustrate an article in May for the same reason. Maybe should have gone in a different direction. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.