Alternative Lunch Tray project

Students in GeoGraphics presented alternative lunch trays to the school board this spring. They created animated infographics to persuade the school board to purchase biodegradable lunch trays, instead of using styrofoam. They cited research on harmful effects of styrofoam on the body when it’s heated (like putting hot food on the tray) and research on how long it takes for styrofoam to break down (500 years!)

Their research and effort really paid off, as you can see in the picture below we are piloting lunch trays that are made of sugar cane — and they break down into the earth in 3-4 months! Awesome!


lunch tray

Social Commentary Art exhibit

photo 1 (2) photo 1 photo 2 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 5

Students raised over $150 toward their charity/social cause at their student reception event! I’m so excited for them and proud of them. Several students were shocked to have sold their poster (some sold several).

Some social topics included: overuse of technology, marriage equality, and suicide.

A Downtown Perspective

Students studied two-point perspective and create drawings of downtown buildings to show what they’ve learned. Student examples below.

Kitchen color palette

Over my Christmas break, I painted our kitchen. Much of our house is painted the same creamy neutral color (except for our bathrooms and bedrooms). It’s a fine color, but I was sick of looking at it and I was sick of the yellow tones it gives me in photos in the kitchen. It is now painted a warm gray.



I’m ready to paint some canvases and get new kitchen towels and perhaps paint some of our items on our counters (spatula holders, etc.) But I’m unsure what colors to use as accents. There’s a built-in accent: red. The counters and floors have red in them.

Counters and floors (before painting the walls)

I’ve got some ideas but I just can’t make up my mind. Care to share your thoughts?

Feathered brights

Cranberry tones

Plum fresh

Thankful harvest

September/October sketchbook

Thumbs way, way, up

Sight and sniff


Rearview Reflections

Smiling Giraffe


Halloween witch